Weight Loss- Nerd Style

First, let me tell you about this weekend! Oh My Goodness! It was a starchy, sweet, weekend with 2 glasses os Moscato. I gained about 2 pounds from the weekend, but since this will be the last time I eat any of that stuff for 6 weeks, then I don’t mind. In fact- I had cake today. Happy Early Birthday to me!

His nerdiness, Steve Kamb, is doing a 6 week challenge on Nerfitness.com and it is definitely nerdy. We have to decide on our race based on our body type now. I chose dwarf. Then, we have to choose our profession- what we want to be. Since I didn’t really like the choices, I chose Adventurer. We had to give ourselves AD&D style stats and choose 4 goals and give them stats as well. After 6 weeks, we see how we have done.

I’m being kinda lazy and just copy and pasting my post in here. Basically, I want everyone to know what I am doing.

About me- I’m a 29yr old MMORPG gamer/epic nerd married to a skinny MMORPG gamer/epic nerd. We play Allods every evening and a good deal of the weekends. I have a slew of medical issues that make it difficult to work out. Currently, a wall push up is too much.
I like the concept of us being in a guild because, and this is from my MMO and nerd experience, guilds level together. If I level or you level but all of us don’t level, we can’t take the boss and we’ll die. Seriously though- can we borrow a tank (warrior)? They are great at holding aggro (negative attention). All right, enough nerdiness, let’s get to the stats. BTW- I’m starting May 1st, so weight and measurements will go in tomorrow. I also used a website to calculate my stats.

Height- 5’4″
Weight- TBD
Race- Dwarf (short, stocky, funny, and has a temper)
Class- Adventurer/ Paladin
INT 17
WIS 15
CHR 14

My Goals:

Life Goal: (+2 WIS, +1 CHR)
Find a good Work/Gaming/Life Balance. Right now, my life is mostly work/gaming based. There isn’t much time for anything else in my life.

Fitness Goal 1: (+1 STR, +1 CON, +1 DEX)
Exercise more. To be specific, exercise 1 minute more exery day until I excerise an hour a day. After that, excerise harder every day. Walk faster, add weight, something to make the exercise harder.

Fitness Goal 2: (+2 CON)
Lose weight. The goal is to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks. If I can lose 15, I get to double the stat increase.

Fitness Goal 3: (+1 INT, +1 CON, +1 STR)
Stay on my 80% Paleo. On my personal blog, I have a modified Paleo diet laid out. I have to follow it or do better than the modifications in order to get the stat increase.


About taureanfreak

I am a 29 year old working in a job I love. I have a host of physical ailments from injuries- seriously, I'm like an old woman. I am trying to find happiness by changing what I do in life. Mostly that entails eating better and moving more. I also love learning for the sake of learning. The quote below is from Lord of the Rings and sums up how I feel. "What more do you want to know?" "The names of all the stars, and of all living things, and the whole history of Middle-Earth, and Over-heaven, and of the Sundering Seas. Of course! What else?" -The Two Towers
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