Rationalization for Frozen Custard

I drove by the local frozen custard place and was thinking about how much my husband likes frozen custard. He had recently done something very nice and I figured that he would appreciate a treat. I was planning on only getting him some, but then I saw it- brownie batter frozen custard! Thoughts of frozen chocolate, fudginess swirled around in my brain. I wanted it. Now.

I had about 2 car lengths to make my decision. After Memorial weekend, I had gained a bit of weight. I haven’t undone that yet. I also did have a yogurt in the morning, so I’d already had dairy for the day. On the other hand, the rule is 80% Paleo and I’ve been doing at least that. I haven’t had ice cream or frozen custard in a long time. And I should make it “livable”. Plus, I would be walking tonight. These thoughts were battling in my mind as I slowly pulled forward.

Guess what I did?

I got a child size of the brownie batter in a cup. It wasn’t a chocolaty as I thought, but it had a int of peanut butter and was very yummy. It definitely hit the spot.

Afterwards, I was 100% Paleo. I didn’t miss a beat. I enjoyed my treat and moved on. It is nice to not feel guilty over my decisions.

Looking forward to the last 12 days (or so) of the challenge, I think I should be OK if I stay strong and keep the rationalizations to a minimum. I don’t think I’ll have frozen custard again until at least Jun12th. That goes for bread, beans, or anything else I wiggled on. Except coffee. I will probably keep my one coffee (2 creams, 1 sugar) a day. At least I have at least halved the amount of cream and sugar. Maybe eventually I’ll be able to drink it straight!


About taureanfreak

I am a 29 year old working in a job I love. I have a host of physical ailments from injuries- seriously, I'm like an old woman. I am trying to find happiness by changing what I do in life. Mostly that entails eating better and moving more. I also love learning for the sake of learning. The quote below is from Lord of the Rings and sums up how I feel. "What more do you want to know?" "The names of all the stars, and of all living things, and the whole history of Middle-Earth, and Over-heaven, and of the Sundering Seas. Of course! What else?" -The Two Towers
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2 Responses to Rationalization for Frozen Custard

  1. April says:

    oh you have such good self control! if i were in that situation.. it’s either go big or go home!! haha. great job 😀

  2. taureanfreak says:

    Oh, I would. I just can’t rationalize a bigger serving. 🙂 thank you for the compliment!

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