Lake View Cemetery

Recently, I went walking about Lake View Cemetery. What did you say? “Ewwww? ” Well, you are all wrong. Lake View Cemetery was founded in 1869 and is modeled after the Victorian garden cemeteries in England and France. This mean that while there are dead people, there are also beautiful gardens with flowers and gorgeous architecture. Wade Chapel was designed by Tiffany himself. The stained glass is breathtaking. People get married in the chapel all the time! Garfield’s Monument is also there. It’s huge an impressive.

A Protector

I could walk around until I’m lost. Sometimes I start to forget when I am since everything is so old. I found this little guy in a family garden. The bushes surrounded the family plots and he was watching over their ivy covered tombs.

A Spirit looks over the family

This gorgeous lady was the tallest amoung the statues in that area. Many of the trees were so tall that it was hard to get a good photo of her. I lucked out when I went to another statue and happened to see her above a tree. She is 50-60 feet above the ground.

Tall Statue

If you live near a garden cemetery, please go. It is worth the trip. If you live near Cleveland, go to Lake View! Walk around and look at the timeless beauty.


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I am a 29 year old working in a job I love. I have a host of physical ailments from injuries- seriously, I'm like an old woman. I am trying to find happiness by changing what I do in life. Mostly that entails eating better and moving more. I also love learning for the sake of learning. The quote below is from Lord of the Rings and sums up how I feel. "What more do you want to know?" "The names of all the stars, and of all living things, and the whole history of Middle-Earth, and Over-heaven, and of the Sundering Seas. Of course! What else?" -The Two Towers
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1 Response to Lake View Cemetery

  1. jj says:

    Loved going for long runs there while I was in Cleveland. Such a beautiful place, and something very zen about running ‘for life’ midst the headstones.

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