Lake View Cemetery

Recently, I went walking about Lake View Cemetery. What did you say? “Ewwww? ” Well, you are all wrong. Lake View Cemetery was founded in 1869 and is modeled after the Victorian garden cemeteries in England and France. This mean that while there are dead people, there are also beautiful gardens with flowers and gorgeous architecture. Wade Chapel was designed by Tiffany himself. The stained glass is breathtaking. People get married in the chapel all the time! Garfield’s Monument is also there. It’s huge an impressive.

A Protector

I could walk around until I’m lost. Sometimes I start to forget when I am since everything is so old. I found this little guy in a family garden. The bushes surrounded the family plots and he was watching over their ivy covered tombs.

A Spirit looks over the family

This gorgeous lady was the tallest amoung the statues in that area. Many of the trees were so tall that it was hard to get a good photo of her. I lucked out when I went to another statue and happened to see her above a tree. She is 50-60 feet above the ground.

Tall Statue

If you live near a garden cemetery, please go. It is worth the trip. If you live near Cleveland, go to Lake View! Walk around and look at the timeless beauty.

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Back in the Dojo

Today, I walked back into my dojo. I haven’t been back in over 5 years and that was one visit. I watched at the class ended and I talked to Sensei Jim for a bit and caught up with him. He is one of the nicest, sweetest guys on the face of the planet. The dojo’s look has changed,but it still has the same energy. It made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, I just wanted to step on the mats and do a Kata.

Afterwards, I did some quick “shopping” aka try on clothes to see if I can fit into a smaller size. Almost!

I met up with someone I used to study with, Raphael. He’s now a 3rd degree black belt. I have to say, he has grown up to be pretty bad ass. We talked for about 2 hours and while we caught up, it was mostly about karate and the people we used to study with. How they are now, if they ever made it to black belt, etc. We talked about the dojo and how it has changed and grown. We talked about injuries too. I asked him about my coming back and what suggestions could he give me. He said that my weight loss is the most important thing. Once I am back, take it easy. Don’t try to go balls to the walls and ease into it.

This has made my goal of getting back into the dojo and actually training that much more important. I want it so badly!

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I am going to keep this short since I will be getting up at 6:30 am for back PT. My in laws tried my patience and stomach, but I survived. Kinda. Right now my stomach is killing me. I definitely ate something with something that didn’t agree with me. I have an idea- I’m thinking the meatballs weren’t all meat. Boo. So, I’m going to get ready for bed. I’ll be on tomorrow to tell you about my knee.

And here’s a photo of me frying green beans in bacon fat.

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Friday Night Thoughts

TGIF anyone?

So this morning I had the MRI done on my right knee. They said the results would be sent to my doc with in 24-48 hours. I already have a doctor’s appointment on Monday morning. I should find out the results then. I can’t wait to find out what is wrong so it can be fixed. My left knee is bugging me even though I make a conscious effort to not favor my left side. 😦 Just for fun, I decided to enter my symptoms into WebMD. They didn’t have everything, like the twitches and spasms, but I entered in what I could. The #1 guess was ACL injury with Bursitis (pre-patellar), Gout, PCL injury, tendinitis, and knee meniscous tear topping off the guesses.  I have no clue why they put bursitis, gout, and tendinitis so high. At least it’s not cancer- or LUPUS! LOL

My current weight is now at 265.2 pounds. I want to at 264.something by Monday morning. I have a feeling I can and will do this. Why? Brussels Sprouts baby. Last night I made close to 2 pounds for dinner and lunch. I ended up only not eating a couple of them. I am staying away from things that make me sick and I’m drinking a ton of water.

The only thing that worries me is this weekend. There are 2 dinners with the in laws and my mother in law is not the brightest when it comes to “food everyone can eat”. For instance, on Mother’s Day we went to an Italian American restaurant. I was not in the mood to piss off a cook, so I didn’t eat anything. My husband didn’t either because the food there normally upsets his stomach. Then, for my really nice sister-in-law’s birthday, my MIL realized that my birthday hadn’t been celebrated. So she had a cake there for me as well. Here’s the thing- I DON’T EAT CAKE ANYMORE. At least not really, really good cake. I ended up not attending (my best, closest, and dearest friend got us Indian’s tickets), but she wanted to save me some cake. HUH?! I’m not trying to badmouth her- my MIL is sweet. She just doesn’t get it sometimes. I’m afraid that she may not get it this time and it may affect my goal.

I don’t want to be so rude and not eat anything. It is also hard for me to sit at a dinner table and not eat when there is a ton of food in front of me. So I’m worried, but I’m going to try to stay strong.

Oh- I found another geocache today. I couldn’t find 2 of them though. boooo.

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Sorry everyone that I disappeared last week. I was feeling like all I had to talk about was my pain. Who want to read about that? I was talking with a fellow gimp, Christi, about this and she pointed something out. Maybe, somewhere on the internet somewhere, someone is going through the same thing I am or was. Maybe they need to hear that someone else has gone through or is going through what I am. So I will tell you what is going on, no matter what.

Well, I want to talk to you about Geocaching. If you don’t know what it is, it’s like a modern day treasure hunt. Somebody hides a cache (treasure) and puts the GPS coordinates online for people to find. There’s a log book and you can take a piece of the treasure if you leave a piece for someone else. I learned about this from a video where Hank Green goes Geocaching and talks about fun. I loved the idea: hiking+ treasure hunting= win win!

As part of the Level Up Club, I had to choose a new healthy thing to do and I chose geocaching. This past weekend, I decided to finally do it. I found 2 caches and it was fun! That part of the brain that lives for reward definitely got it.  I did take a photo of the second cache I found. It was tiny!
Now this cute little guy was attached to a metal support beam (same color) for the picnic table I placed it on. It was held there with a magnetic. See what I mean about hidden tresure?!

I cannot wait to do this again. It was so much fun.

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Well, last night I did get more rest. Tomorrow I need to be up at 7:30am so I can go to PT for my back. The exercises are hard, but I am sure they will help. I feel it in my back and stomach. So, today is going to be very short so I can sleep.

The big news is that I have lost 25 pounds! WOO HOO!

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I am freaking tired. Sometimes I think the world is trying to keep me from sleep. Like the other night, as I am going to bed I find out that my cell carrier dropped my texting when I changed my minute plan. I was suddenly 1600+ texts in overage! So, I took care of that immediately at the cost of sleep. The next night, my husband’s car breaks down and he is stranded at his job. Again, that trumps sleep.

Last night I figured I would read my book and then crash. After the hubby distracted me for a bit, stupid hubby, and I finished the book- it was 2:40am. Dammit. I had to be up at 11:30, but that would give me some sleep. Too bad I kept waking up in the middle of the night and around 10am I was awake.

Right now it’s 10:21pm and I am exhausted. I just finished an evening snack of roasted broccoli with asiago cheese. I need to check into the LUC and then I’m off to bed.

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